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Q4 results Friday February 28th

Espen Husstad (CEO) and Hans Petter Madsen (CFO) will present the results on February 28th @08:30(CET):
(1) Through participative webcast
(2) In Vika Atrium Conference Centre, Munkedamsveien 45, Oslo.

Reinsurance renewal

Stock exchange release reinsurance and capital 6Jan20


Insr was listed on Oslo Stock Exchange April 8, 2014. The shares trade under the ticker code INSR. Information about the share price, trading volumes and Stock Exchange notices are available on the Oslo Stock Exchange website.

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Analyst coverage:
ABG SC,  Jan Erik Gjerland, +47 22016116,
Carnegie,  Johan Ström,  +47 22009352,

Click here to access the list of top 20 shareholders from the Norwegian Central Securities Depository (VPS). (The list contains a number of nominee accounts.)


Financial Calendar

28.02.2020 – Q4 2019 results
31.03.2020 – Annual Report
14.05.2020 – Q1 2020 results
20.05.2020 – Annual General Meeting and Capital Markets Day
11.08.2020 – Half year 2020 results
10.11.2020 – Q3 2020 results


E-mail: Investor Relations
Anne B. Knudtzon

SVP Business Controlling & Investor Relations
Phone: +47 926 10 606

Nomination Committee

E-mail: Nomination Committee
Hasse Iwarson (chair)
Karl Høie
Nicklas Paulson



Solvency and Financial Conditions Report (SFCR) 2017
(In Norwegian)
     SFCR 2017 - Insr Insurance Group
     Insr Group SFCR attachments 2017
     Insr ASA SFCR attachments 2017

     Prospectus share issue May 2017
     Prospectus 28Nov17 related to Nemi acquisition
     Insr Investor Presentation 29 Jan 2018

      Q1 Presentation 2017
      Q1 Report 2017
      Q1 Webcast 2017
      Annual General Meeting Agenda 2017
      AGM 2017 Business update
      AGM 2017 Protocol
      Q2 Webcast 2017
      Q2 Report 2017
      Q2 Presentation 2017
      Q3 2017 webcast
      Q3 2017 Interim Report
     Q3 2017  Interim Presentation
      Q4 2017 - Insr - Interim Presentation
      Q4 2017 - Insr - Interim Report
      Q4 2017 webcast
Annual Report
Annual Report 2017 (in Norwegian)

Extraordinary GM Sep 26, 2017
      Agenda and Attendance Proxy Form
      EGM Presentation Nemi Acquisition and Private Placement
      Minutes Extraordinary General Meeting 26Sep17
      Deloitte - Sakkyndig redegjørelse vedr. tingsinnskudd
      Deloitte expert statement on valuation
Acquisition of Nemi Forsikring AS
      Webcast 08:30 CET 18 August 2017
      Stock Exchange Notice
      Norsk Pressemelding
      High level Transaction Presentation
      Information Memorandum Agreement to Purchase Nemi Forsikring
Merger Plan
    Merger Plan / Fusjonsplan
Nemi interim balance Q3'17 w/ auditor statement (in Norwegian):
    Nemi Forsikring AS signert mellombalanse per 30.09.17
    Revisorberetning mellombalanse